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The voice SMS Service is one of the communication technology. It allows the people to take the recorded voice SMS to thousands of the call recipients in the short period.

The Voice SMS Service is used for the notification, and community alerts for the promotional purposes. These days most of the companies are using the Voice SMS Services to promoting their business among the people. The Voice SMS Services is smart and exclusive automatic dialer to reach huge people with the several response options and customized messages.

The voice messages are pre-recorded SMS and send to any kind of the phone number in over all the country. The voice message is automated calls and equipped with the automated dialing of the numbers by using the web-based service. In the digital world, the communication technique is gaining more popular and helpful tool for the business. Value One Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. provide the huge range of the Voice SMS Services such as the customer survey, meeting alerts, EMI alerts, and political campaigns, medicine reminders, stock alter and others. You can choose the Voice SMS Services as per your needs.

Types of voice SMS services:- 

The bulk Voice SMS Services is best marketing tool is used for marketing. In the voice, message record owns message then build the recipients and send it to a number of people. The voice message is available in different duration such as 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds and 180 seconds. We provide the different types of the Voice SMS Services such as promotional voice call and transactional calls service. With the help of the experienced experts and latest technology, we provide the effective Voice SMS Services to our clients at the affordable price.

Features Voice SMS Services:-

The Voice SMS Services is an effective medium to get the voice message across the world. You can select the language and schedule it with the online control board. It is simple to use with the various features. Here we provide the features of the Voice SMS Services.

  • You can send the quick voice message in the local language.
  • Scheduling the voice campaign
  • Send the voice SMS in different language
  • Upload the files of mobiles number
  • Use the Voice SMS Services to update your customers, staffs, and others.
  • Stock bankers, brokers and other
  • Upload recorded voice SMS in the format of MP4 or MP3

How can use voice SMS services?

The voice SMS communication is effective and cheaper when compared to any other communication. The Voice SMS Services anyone can use for several purposes such as critical alerts, business promotions, banking alerts and others. The promotion voice SMS service can send voice message from 9.00AM to 9.00PM. The transaction Voice SMS Services can be used by the government sector, school, health care, school, and others.

Benefit of voice SMS services:-

The Voice SMS Services is same to the text SMS service and it is used to send the messages with the thirty seconds. The Voice SMS Services helps the company to enhance their business. It is the perfect choice to connect with a lot of the customers. The Voice SMS Services is ideal for the business to contact with the clients, providing unique offers to customers, and others. When you are using the Voice SMS Services on your business then you can gain more benefits such as

  • Get 24/7 support service
  • Flexible and affordable platform
  • Improve customers
  • Enhance business visibility
  • Reliable
  • Great availability
  • Detailed reports and others

The Voice SMS Services helps to improve the customers in your band. We offer the unique Voice SMS Services to our valuable clients.

ValueOne SMS marketeer