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The world has turned into a smart digital market in the last decade. Star Business Players have control over fast-paced technology spectrum resulting in their dominance on the market. Realizing the dynamics of the digital scenario, Digital Entrepreneur, Sanjay Kumar ventured Value One Digital Media (Bulk SMS Service Provider) in 2003. The idea was to open up a multi-dimensional platform for digital marketing solutions in an evolving workspace.

Sanjay began his journey on a humble note to serve the clients for their meaningful digital communication needs. Gradually, suave Sanjay’s brainchild- Value One scaled up its operations across varied media to offer matchless digital communication services.

Over more than a decade and a half of successful operations, Value One has established as a unique data provider and insightful digital player. Considered as an expert in the areas of data analytics and business conversion, Sanjay has transformed as an adept Digital Brand Mentor from his earlier role as Digital Media Expert.

Sanjay has the vision to take the journey of his concern, Value One Digital Media, to new frontiers of data management and communication strategies. His focus is on the realization of digital bioinformatics and new technological advances in the digital sphere.

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