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How you can send best bulk SMS Service for your business

In the present day and time, there is a surge in the market for Short Message Service i.e. the SMS. There is barely anyone today who doesn’t make use of the text message service. A recent study also proves that people today prefer SMSs over voice calls. Such statistics motivate marketers and present them with humongous opportunities to use Bulk SMS Service in India. Sadly, bulk SMS service is today a highly abused medium of marketing. Thus, it is important for businesses to leverage the power of this medium of marketing. This is possible only if you follow a set of guidelines when sending bulk messages. Here, are 6 best practices to follow when sending Bulk SMS in India.

6 Bulk SMS Service Marketing Best Practices to Follow:-

1-Seek Permission

Before you send bulk SMS in India, you need to ensure that the consumer or the client has agreed to receive the messages from you. This can be done by a prior web opt-in or keyword opt-in facility. Acquiring permission from your customers when using bulk messaging in India is definitely the most efficient method of building a reliable bulk SMS database. However, in order to do this, you need to make it easy for your customers to join your messaging list. But before all this is done, do let your customers know, how often will you be sending messages to them.

2-Make use of a simple code

Secondly, it is always a good idea to work with shortcodes that are easy to memorize. You will never want your customers to feel that it is a task to memorize the codes for you. Sadly, for the small business houses seeking short dedicated codes, things might seem a little too pricey. In such a case, sharing the codes with non-competitors can be beneficial. You can request a reliable bulk SMS provider to help you in this case.

3-Make sure your messages are direct

Thirdly, when you Send Bulk messaging in India, you need to resist your temptation of including all the details of the offer. You have an upper cap of 140 characters so you have to make sure that everything that is important is mentioned in these 140 characters only. Always remember that an effective message should include ‘what’s in for the customer’. This is what will lure your customers. An effective message should include only plain and simple language with texting shortcuts that are widely prevalent in order to avoid any confusion.

4-Make sure the messages are relevant

The relevancy of a message can just not be overemphasized. Even if the message that you draft is extremely creative, it will not matter to your customer in case it isn’t relevant to them. Targeting and segmentation play an important role here. Thus, when you craft your message, you need to take into account your target group and the demographics. Seek the help of a bulk SMS provider, to better understand your target group.

5-Make sure the message is personal

Bulk messaging in India is a great strategy to build a unique and lasting relationship with your customers. However, this is possible only if you send out personalized messages to your customers. When sending bulk SMS in India, make use of the first name of the subscriber in your SMS message. It is a great way to make your customers feel important, valuable and special.

6-Schedule your message

Lastly, you need to inquire about the bulk SMS provider about the provision of scheduling your messages before hiring them. This is extremely important because even if you craft the most relevant, creative and exciting SMS ever, it would be in vain if it isn’t timed right.

For instance, if you use bulk messaging in India during the daytime, when people are usually busy, it will go wasted. Thus, in order to get a response from your customers, you need to make sure that you send the messages at an appropriate time. Now, are the messages that are sent late at night or early in the morning effective? The timing of your message depends mainly on the preferences and the characteristics of your target audience. In order to find the right time, you need to undergo continual testing.

Final Word

Sending bulk messages is the ideal way of harnessing the potential of your local market. As you already know, marketing based on geography is at an all-time high these days. Thus, bulk messaging is exceptionally important for local businesses. Mobile messaging is a great way for the businesses to connect personally with their clients and customers. It is a way to offer them ‘instant’ value at a local level. Bottom line? While making full use of the bulk messaging facility, you need to focus on the bigger picture. What you need to know is that even when you try hard, the results might not always be very pleasant. However, this does not mean that you sideline this aspect of marketing. In the long run, bulk messaging can be used for customer education, strengthening public relations and generating leads. Do not lose focus and always remember your reason for sending these messages.

To be able to send messages, you need to make sure that you employ the services of a valuable bulk SMS provider that not only offers you reliable services but also provides feature based messaging service. One such provider of bulk messaging in India is Value one. Trust them for their services and you’ll see your business grow to new heights.

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