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How to create successful branding through bulk SMS Service Here’s how!

Do you own or run a business at any time? Are you promoting it via Bulk SMS Service in India? If not, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Bulk SMS is exceptionally popular these days and are now used by more and more companies to promote, market and brand their business. So, how can one create a successful brand name by using the bulk SMS? Here, we have come up with 7 compelling reasons .why you should begin using Bulk SMS Service are part of your marketing strategy? 


First: Bulk SMS service can be automated


If you run a business, you already know that there are several sides to a business and over a hundred good ways to do a thing. But, the time to do these things is very limited. This is the reason why there are several abandoned projects. However, if you opt for bulk SMS Service in India over the traditional marketing strategies you can free up a lot of your time. How? All you have to do is set up your message and take a walk. After you come back, all your messages would be sent. Moreover, with the advancement in the features offered by the Bulk SMS Service provider, you can even follow up on the prospects in a more personalized way.


Second: There is a guarantee of being read


The major struggle that the businesses face with their customers and potential customers is that they have the authority to decide and ignore the marketers’ adverts. However, with the bulk SMS service, it is almost impossible for the customers to ignore the messages without having to read them first. As you know, TV ads can be skipped, phone calls can be ignored, online ads can be blocked, newspapers ads can be jettisoned, but the messages that are sent by the Bulk SMS Service Provider, just can’t be ignored. According to a well-circulated statistics, 95% of the text messages are read within the first 15 minutes of delivery. If this is true, then you know that the probability of bulk SMS  in India to be ignored is very less.


Third: It is a sure shot way to grab attention


We live in an over-communicated world. Despite that, attention has become a scarce commodity today. However, attention is something that is highly coveted by the marketers. Only the enterprises and the businesses that are prosperous are able to grab the eyeballs of their potential and existing customers. And they ought to pay for it through the nose. However, today, things are changing or rather, say evolving. Thanks to the Bulk SMS, you can now grab the attention of your target audience, cheaply and certainly. We are so addicted to our mobile phones, that we just cannot stand the sound of a ringing mobile. This makes us anxious to check it out. So, the entire process of Bulk SMS Service in India works on challenging the human curiosity. Moreover, a ringing phone is said to be the most powerful sound in the world. And if you know, people carry their mobile phones always, even when they are in the loo. And that’s just the beginning of the era.


Fourth: Bulk SMS are responsive


Going by the statistics, there are 20% of people who will respond to your text messages. However, that only does little to help you grasp the actual thing. This is because there are other variables associated with it such as the quality of the database and the effect of the message. Together all of this attribute to the effectiveness of the SMS marketing campaigns. So, if you keep a note of these things, Bulk SMS is definitely the most profitable marketing strategy in the world.


Fifth: Bulk SMS are immediate


Now, when would you want your clients or customers to see your marketing message? If you want them to see your message at 12 in the afternoon, send the message at 12 and it will reach it to them at that very time. However, this factor does not consider the other aspects that aren’t in control of the Bulk SMS Service Provider such as a phone is off or out of coverage area. In other cases, there is no waiting, no delay, and no traffic jam.


Sixth: Bulk SMS service is cheap, very cheap to say the least


One of the most vital metrics in any business is CPA i.e. the Cost Per Acquisition. What is CPA? CPA is the entire market expense made to win a customer. If you calculate the cost, per advertising method, you’ll understand as to how expensive it gets for a business to acquire a new customer. However, if you compare the Bulk SMS service, to other marketing strategies, you’ll realize how unbelievingly cheaper it is.


Seventh: Bulk SMS are integrative


Having said all the above, it is crucial for you to know that bulk SMS do not exist in a vacuum. In order to be able to fetch the true potential of the bulk messages, you have to integrate it with other marketing approaches such as websites, phone calls, pay per click ads, email marketing, and others. However, it goes without saying, that the type of marketing strategy chosen by you, will depend on the kind of product or service that you are selling keeping in view your marketing objectives. But the agenda here is, bulk SMS tend to naturally lend itself to integration, effectively and cheaply.

Final Word


Are you still confused whether you should use bulk SMS as a prime strategy to promote your business? We’d suggest you jump on the bandwagon right away and reap the benefits of this incredible marketing strategy. Take note, even if you are dilly-dallying and not using this business strategy, your competitors are using it and might show you the way out of the market. So, get in touch with a reliable Bulk SMS service provider such as Value one and start employing this strategy in your business.

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