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Bulk SMS Campaign-An effective way of marketing

A start-up in Delhi, a salon in Mumbai and a retail shop in Bangalore have decided to expand their services and branch out to other cities. When you are starting to build a business, the first thing you want to do secure is a customer base.

There are many ways they can market their product and services, from handing out flyers and hanging up posters to referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. But since they are on a restricted budget and they are looking for mass publicity, they have to find sufficient resources to capture their clients’ attention.


In this case, Bulk SMS campaigns can prove to be extremely helpful. A bulk SMS service provider will not just provide companies with selective lists according to their requirement but also help you reach the customer directly. And only vendors will have the information you require because people do not reveal their personal numbers for marketing campaigns. Here are some advantages of marketing your product or services through bulk SMS campaign.


1-Directly Targeted through Bulk SMS Campaign Service


Bulk SMS Campaign

Gone are the days when businesses and companies would plan out marketing strategies that may or may not provide them with the leads they need. It is essential for marketing messaged to be targeted at the right audience in order for the company to reap benefits. In bulk SMS marketing, people who you send out a message to will either have a relationship with you or will have agreed to receive marketing messages from you. Some studies have revealed that it is 6-8 times easier to resell to existing customers than to gain newer customers.




Suppose you have just recently opened up your business, and you need to launch a campaign to market your services. You can turn to newspaper ads, TV commercials, billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising but they might exceed your total budget.

Does that mean these cost-prohibitive methods will limit your marketing strategy? The answer is no. Bulk SMS marketing has a low set up and running costs that can be launched and executed by companies at a much less cost. After all, where else can you contact over 1000 customers in a matter of seconds in a reasonable budget?


3-Personalised Message


Office Calculator

SMS messages are personalized based on the customer’s buying behavior which enables the businesses to convey their message to their target audience. Some messages can be location based or individually written based on the business type. It is also important to ask your customers for their feedback by asking them to rate their experience so that you can further improve customer service.

For E.g., a retail shop could send out promotional messages, inform their customers about new deals for their customers or introduce referrals to increase word-of-mouth marketing.


4-Fast Delivery

It is an excellent way to promote any kind of business whether a small-scale, mid-sized or a large scale company. Bulk SMS is delivered within minutes and the chances of people reading the message within the first 15 minutes of delivery are high.

If businesses want their information or message to reach out to maximum people in a short period, then they should choose a Bulk SMS Campaign Provider.


5-High Conversion Rate

Studies have shown to prove that only 25% of emails are opened, and they have a response rate of less than 2%. When we compare this to bulk SMS, they have a response rate of 20-25%. This may be because approximately 80% of adults keep their phones switched on and with them at all times.

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