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3 ways to send business Bulk SMS service in Delhi-NCR

In the present times, business houses irrespective of the size are reaping the benefits of bulk messaging in India. This low-cost facility helps you in instant communication by sending out bulk messages to colleagues and customers alike. Mostly the large enterprises have access to an IT department that offers this vivid communication tool but then what are the small and mid-sized business houses supposed to do?

There’s something for you as well. Now with the advent of technology, you don’t need to have an in-house IT department or be a whiz-kid to acquire the benefits of bulk messaging in India. Rather you can head to a  bulk SMS service provider that can help you send bulk messages to market and promote your business. Any reliable bulk SMS company will provide you with.

• A to Z pricing list.
• Single point of contact and.
• An easy to use interface for you to send out bulk SMS service.

Now, for those business houses and individuals that are new to the bulk SMS service, you might be wondering if there are different ways to send bulk messaging in India and more importantly, how does this entire thing work?

Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a quick and easy breakdown of the three different ways that the business houses can use for bulk messaging in India with the help of a reliable Bulk SMS service Provider in Delhi-NCR. Whichever method you pick, all you need is a standard computer without any specialist knowledge or training. In the nutshell, sending out bulk SMS is as easy as sending an email.


Send text messages online


This is one of the most popular ways to send out bulk messages. For this, you simply have to log in to the website from a PC or computer and you are ready to send messages. After you log on to the website, you’ll see that sending messages is very similar to sending emails.

The good thing about this service is that you aren’t limited to one computer or one browser. You can use any computer from any part of the world to access your account and send the messages. As a result of this, the user has a greater flexibility when they have to send messages online either from their office or home or whichever place suits them the best.

If you opt for a reliable and good bulk SMS Service provider, they’ll provide you with a feature-rich SMS service that will not only allow you to send messages but will also let you:
• Get real-time delivery reports
• Schedule messages
• Receive replies
• Manage contacts


Sending the text message from a desktop application


The second way out to send bulk messages to India is by downloading an application on your PC workstation, MAC or a Linux computer. This too is a very simple method and is just as easy as the online SMS messaging. In this, all you’ll have to type your message just as you’d do in the case of a regular message or an email and send.

Usually, users prefer this method since the application for sending bulk messages is easily accessible to them via a desktop icon. In some cases, the desktop applications are nothing but the web applications only. When you select a bulk SMS Service provider, always go for one that offers a facility of:
• Message delivery receipts
• Two way SMS
• Message scheduling
With the help of a desktop SMS application, the user can also reduce the cost of sending out bulk messages by optimizing their routing.


Sending messages from a spreadsheet


The third way by which bulk SMS company lets you send messages is via a spreadsheet. It is perhaps the easiest way out. In this, you can send messages by way of an add-in for a spreadsheet application. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many bulk SMS providers that offer this service.

But this one makes sending bulk messages, a breeze. With this, the business houses can employ the information that is stored in their spreadsheet application i.e. the message templates, names or phone numbers to send out the text messages. When you are using this method, you don’t have to exit the spreadsheet application in order to switch to the SMS application.

There is an add-in which lets you send the messages directly from the spreadsheet. You just have to highlight the contact details, highlight or write the message from the templates and click on send. There is also a provision to customize your messages and receivers from within the information that is entered into your spreadsheet.

As part of this approach by the bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi, you also get access to other useful features such as:
• Job scheduling
• SMS delivery reports


Final Word


Bottom line is that sending text messages online or via a spreadsheet add-on or via a desktop application are simply some straightforward methods of sending bulk SMS service. So, if you have little technical expertise or can hire a freelancer to work for you, then the world is at your feet as far as bulk messaging goes.

You can just set up a system and send these text messages. So, next time you wish to test your business card to a prospective client contact or you want to remind someone of an appointment or a job vacancy, use the power of bulk messaging and see things work for you with absolute ease.

In case you wish to send bulk messages to India, one of the most reliable service providers is Value One. Do try out their services and you’ll find sending messages has never been easier.

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