SMS Gateway Working Process

Many of us familiar with the word Bulk SMS a number of us operate bulk SMS however they didn’t have intelligibility on Bulk SMS functioning. Here we are seen complete practicality of Bulk SMS gateway.

Today I’m going to give coherence on Bulk SMS working method. Before learning regarding operating method let see short note on Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is that the method for sending a great deal of information to the massive volume of peoples right away. It will be used to promote business; generate leads, sending informative messages, sending alerts, and many more.

Below image shows Step by Step procedure regarding Bulk SMS gateway

Bulk SMS gateway operating method

Bulk SMS operating method With clarification

Operators (Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Docomo, BSNL, JIO, etc)
Gateway providers
SMPP (short-message-peer to peer)
Reseller Account Holders
Normal Accounts Holders
We are sending No. of SMS through Bulk SMS Account all reach to operators as a result of operator is that the just one to send messages exploitation wireless network satellite signals. we are going to forward our messages to operators they’re for forwarding to the list of numbers.

Operators are the primary party in overall Bulk SMS method. Operators play a key role in causation Bulk SMS while not having their permission we tend to unable to send the SMS. Any user crosses their limits (or terms and conditions) in causation Bulk SMS the operator block that account.

Gateway suppliers

Bulk SMS entry suppliers area unit act as second half in Bulk SMS. they’re going to take the permission from operators and telecommunication department to sell bulk SMS services to a 3rd party, when receiving permission from operators and telecommunication department they begin the mercantilism Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS entry suppliers are having some responsibilities to keep up or sell bulk SMS answer they’re should and may follow the principles and rules issued by the telecommunication department.

SMPP Holders

SMPP means that short messages peer to look. The SMPP holders area unit acts as the third party in overall bulk SMS method. The SMPP Holders area unit the suppliers for Bulk SMS answer they’re having the choice provide reseller accounts furthermore as traditional accounts.


They are the last party in bulk SMS they’re taking rights from SMPP holders to provide Bulk SMS solutions. they are maintaining solely account and that they have the permission to access and manage they provide bulk SMS accounts however they didn’t have rights to prevent messages that are management only bulk SMS gateways.

How necessary is to send wedding invite through bulk SMS service in India?

Indian Weddings are a beautiful and emotional event. However once it involves designing the Indian Wedding, it’s a full completely different ball game.
A huge quantity of cash and time is spent on the arrangements and preparations of the marriage ceremonies. Therefore, it becomes important that marriage is attended by each and every guest.

In such a state of affairs, bulk SMS services become terribly handy and useful as this is often the best and therefore the quickest media to attach together with your guest.


Send Bulk SMS for a Wedding invite

Bulk SMS for wedding invite inform as several as a guest you would like at the same time.
Sample: Mr. & Mrs. XYZ warmly invite you to grace and bless the wedding ceremony of their beloved son ABC with QPR on_(date)_ at _(venue)__ from_(time)_ forwards.

Send Wedding to invite out of town or abroad

In spite of enough time, you opt to send an invite to your relatives and friends. There are invariably a number of peers left, whom you cannot reach either they’re staying aboard or far from your current town.
Sample: Mr. & Mrs. XYZ request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their son ABC with QPR from_(time)_ forwards on_(date)_ at _(venue)_.

Send scheduled SMS

Schedule your SMS in future to send a reminder to all or any your relations, relatives, friends, acquaintance and peers regarding the marriage date, time and venue.

Send Reminder

Remind your necessary guest regarding the marriage date and build them feel however necessary is their presence on your wedding.
Sample: we tend to ABC & QPR request the pleasure of your extremely valuable presence in our marriage on _(date)_ from_(time)_ at _(venue)_.

Send Formal invite SMS

You can send formal invite SMS to people who are not that a lot of necessary.
Sample: we tend to ABC & QPR request the pleasure of your company in our marriage on _(date)_ from_(time)_ at _(venue)_.

Please be a part of us for a night of SANGEET CEREMONY to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Asha & Sumit at 07.30 PM at Garden edifice field. Regards, last name Family

Send Wedding SMS invite to whom you forgot Before
Push wedding invites SMS to ask those whom you forgot to mete out the marriage invite card.

Send many thanks SMS Messages

Sample: we tend to are very blessed by your gracious presence at man. & Mrs. XYZ wedding. Several due to you, for creating it a grand success.

So, causing bulk SMS before and when marriage will surely produce an honest impression on your guest by creating them have faith in however well you have got planned for the grand celebration.

Value One is one in every of the leading SMS entry supplier in India and many personnel use our bulk SMS services to send SMS for the wedding invite. You offer us your details and it might be our responsibility to induce the SMS delivered on time.

How Schedule Bulk SMS can help your Business?

How Schedule Bulk SMS can help your Business?

If you stay over the receiving finish of any SMS throughout midnight hours or busy in any necessary meeting, you would clearly appreciate the new construct of bulk SMS marketing.  The quickest moving technological world is systematically transferred forth massive numbers of recent developments. This statement is true, just in case of every sector or business and even for forms of personal use equipment like cell phones. Innovation in the technology itself has caused the new construct of schedule SMS within the mobile communication sector.


Overview on the Schedule Bulk SMS Feature

Schedule SMS gateway

Schedule SMS is one among the best services that are provided from bulk SMS providers. In fact, the feature has embraced widely in between large numbers of people. This service helps people not only in the drafting of SMS, however conjointly in the programming of it for causing it at a specific time. During this method, an individual will deliver the message later, time supported convenience of recipient instead of causing them right away throughout odd hours.

Schedule SMS lets users to key the longer term time and date that they need the message to deliver at any specific date furthermore as time. Service helps in the delivery of varied messages that embrace text-only SMS, Unicode, text combined with appropriate graphics, like entries and calendars, OTA images, contact lists and marker entries of WAP. Once any message delivers to any receiver at the postponed time, it might seem like the other variety of message with none indication that a person has written and regular it to send others later.

Scheduling of SMS Messages for different people

since the introduction of this idea within the mobile communication sector, massive numbers of execs have obtained many edges via text planning activities. You will perceive this supported examples mentioned here.

Business owners

if you’re associate degree owner of a business venture seeking potential customers to produce your product offers, you will opt for Schedule SMS choice to send messages explaining concerning your product options, specialties, and significance, alongside discounts and special offers.

Charitable Trusts

With the assistance of text-schedules choice, owners and managers of varied charitable trusts will send SMS associated with daily quotes to different members of the charity organization. Supported daily quotes and texts, structure members can become able to bring forceful enhancements related to charitable funds.

Branded makers
If this is often not enough, Schedule SMS activity is additionally useful for makers of branded handsets, like Samsung, Nokia, and similar others. With the assistance of text planning activity, personnel operating below aforesaid corporations will send regular SMS to their customers for an announcement of profitable schemes.

Individuals keep Outside of your time Zone

one more profit related to this sort of facility is that it sends messages to people staying outside of their own time zones. Rather than irritating somebody by causing messages throughout the late night or hour hours, currently planning of messages is feasible, so they’re delivered at the convenient time i.e. as per the civil time of recipients.

Therefore, planning of SMS has become the prime would like of business owners and different people.

You want to check out the live demo for planning SMS, please contact us

Why Growing Bulk SMS Provider in India?

SMS promoting is that the most up-to-date form of promoting that are used by the approach of the companies to market their services and product. Bulk SMS providers have enlarged the potential of SMS by implementing the potential to transmit over one SMS effortlessly. Teams adopt this technique to sell their merchandise to existing or potential purchasers through cellular phones.

There are motives why one should care close to bulk SMS advertising and marketing as a result of it offers several advantages:

Less expensive: this way of advertising is less costly and sleek. It’s so much the foremost reliable form of promoting. Its miles value effective inside the sense that it’s an affordable form of advertising because it is the easiest way to stay to bear with one or tons of humans.
Multiplied income: As in step with the analysis response fee of bulk SMS advertising is incredibly high. This in flip outcomes in improved income figures that in flip effects in stronger profits. This viscous circle of bulk SMS advertising blessings the organizations to a huge extent. Increased income
Single click on a solution: Bulk SMS promoting is that the type of message which will be without difficulty ship to many mobile phone numbers in only a single click. This protects a ton of your time, cash and strength of the commerce as a result of the message is sent to a gigantic audience in exactly one click on.
Sell the business enterprise: teams that wish to ship cluster text messages for activities, notifications, promotions or bulk matter content signals will adopt bulk SMS advertising technique because it is that the cheapest form of marketing the business and it’s going to attain the target market effortlessly and extremely quickly.
That’s the most very important gain of bulk SMS promoting is that it permits in maintaining in touch with the purchasers. In reality, several teams don’t contact their clients sufficient therefore for them this bulk SMS advertising may be a marvelous mode to permit the customers to understand concerning special activities and provides.
More effective: another most important characteristic of bulk SMS advertising is that it’s so much the foremost effective sort of advertising and promoting. Studies indicate that marketing campaign finished through bulk SMS advertising is added a hit while one or two of channels area unit used. just in case of the distinctive event or promoting one ought to use numerous channels like emails, direct telephones, emails, blogs and then on.
Garage: SMS messages may be saved for utilization on the later level. Right here SMS may be forwarded and might be delicately half-track for equally reference.
Advanced safety: matter content messaging offerings area unit terribly secure to confirm that the contents of the text that area unit transmitted to the purchasers or alternative parties aren’t handy through any unauthorized persons. While as compared with other varieties of advertising like mass emails, bulk SMS marketing may well be very comfortable and is free from unauthorized messages.
Personalization of messages: this way of advertising aids the teams to customize the messages despatched to the purchasers with positive facts about the bit recipients being incorporated within the messages.
Because of all the same blessings, bulk SMS advertising is that the faceted one ought to frequently care about.


A Easy Way to Choose Bulk SMS Price and Package

There are many companies in Bulk SMS Service industries, but if we talking about the bulk SMS price & package then Value One is preferred mostly. We provide the cheapest Bulk SMS Service package at low budget. In day to day ever-changing in the technology causes to change our lifestyle and would like. During this state of affairs, mobile technology makes the pioneering role in our business and social living. Nowadays we are absolutely addicted to these technologies and their uses. Under mobile technology, Bulk SMS may be a key feature that must amendment our social and business would like. Daily we’ve to send and receiving trillions of SMS.

Value One providing Bulk SMS Services Package like- Education Bulk SMS Package, Promotional Bulk SMS Package, Free Bulk SMS Package, Transactional Bulk SMS Package, Company Bulk SMS Package, OTP SMS Package, Bank OTP SMS Package, 100% Instant SMS Delivery.

Also, Value One attractive Bulk SMS Reseller to try and do business with us for Bulk SMS Services. We have a tendency to provide white label along with your own complete URL Bulk SMS website free of price. You’ll be able to produce unlimited clients and manage your purchasers Bulk SMS services through Bulk SMS Reseller Panel, produce your Free Bulk SMS Reseller account today!

Customized Bulk SMS Price & Package to amuse you


Our plans are variable as we perceive the uniqueness of your business. Alongside some pre-decided plans, we also entertain made-to-order plans in order that tiny, medium yet massive enterprises will use our Bulk SMS services with none hassles. Our valuation is ideal and planned to fit your pockets.

TRANSACTION / PROMOTIONAL / ALERT SMS GATEWAY: DND / NON-DND ROUTES: Sender Id: Alpha Sender Id for 6 characters only

25,000   (SMS) For Get Best Quote / Offer, Call:  (For Query) Unlimited
25,001 to 50,000   (SMS) For Get Best Quote / Offer, Call:  (For Query) Unlimited
50,001 to 1,00,000   (SMS) For Get Best Quote / Offer, Call:  (For Query) Unlimited


  • Note: – SMS solution is accessible only for India.
  • GST: – It’ll certainly be 18% extra on Total quantities worth.
  • Internet-based software Charges – Free
  • Sender Id – Alpha/ Numeric Sender Id for 6 figures only Legitimacy– Unlimited.


Terms & Conditions Applied!


Bulk SMS software Login ( – Bulk SMS internet Interface.
Bulk SMS software Program Vehicle Signup– Whereas you’ll be part of right into our SMS software application yourself and twenty Non-DND SMS Credits appointed for examining our Bulk SMS internet Server.
DND Filtration – Whereas you’ll filter any sort of mobile variety either DND or Non-DND as severally or in bulk.
Now we are working with 7600+ happy customers throughout India is proof sufficient. Get on the way to success at very cheap worth. To do this, decision us nowadays.

If you would like Bulk SMS promoting service call @ +91 9599270357 or mail us at [email protected]
we offer you the liberty to transmit 1000 SMS to your intended rate of interest team in regularly. With our modest and client pleasant Bulk, we respect your respect and suppose that you simply have actually offered on us. We provide you with the freedom to send 1000 SMS to your required passion team in perpetually. With our moderate and customer pleasant bulk SMS solutions you’ll actually very feel much better ready yet as in the complete management of the complete task.


Bulk SMS & Voice SMS Service for Election Campaigns

Bulk SMS & Voice SMS or Voice Broadcasting services are the most effective way to assist you communicates during election campaigns together with your audience.

Voice SMS & Bulk SMS Service deliver your message to millions of folks. So, political parties additionally select this service to coach people about their campaign & candidates.

Sender or Callers send their message to people for choice on the day. It’s the most effective way to tell who is candidate & what he stands for.

More voters are currently being contacted by Voice Broadcasting excess of the other. This can be as a result of its fast, efficient way to deliver your message to thousands of targeted audience.

It’s important to stay in the mind of people throughout the season of the election. What can be a much better choice then you’re reaching everybody together with your message which too in such a value effective approach.


Why Bulk SMS & Voice SMS Service could be a better choice for the Election Campaigns?


Bulk SMS & Voice SMS Service broadcasting service could be a better option for your election campaigns. Take a look at some benefits of this service.

  • Direct medium for communication
  • SMS sends on to the inbox of all contacts
  • SMS could be a price effective medium
  • Perfect medium to extend your party presence to your audience
  • Text messages area unit short and laconic (to the point)
  • Great way to induce feedback and suggestions from your voters
  • User-friendly that delivers message instantly & accurately
  • Personalize your message & add a private bit
  • Easy to use and easy watching
  • Good choice to increase audience reaches
  • Send custom messages to every user
  • A better understanding of individual’s interest


What voice SMS Service offers you?


A voice broadcasting service carries below-mentioned options that build broadcasting very easy.

  1. Real-time tracking
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Easy to manage & no have to be compelled to have technical data
  4. Web-based elaborate campaign reports
  5. Import of contacts in seconds
  6. Email & SMS notification.


Questions to rise whereas selecting Bulk SMS & Voice SMS service


Take a glance at this list before selecting a bulk SMS & Voice SMS Service supplier

  1. What will my campaign need to attain with these services?
  2. What is my promoting budget?
  3. Is service Supplier Company providing a demo?
  4. Do I want a service supplier to set up my Election Campaign strategy?
  5. What form of content ought to I exploit in my campaigns?
  6. What level of client support ought to I expect from the company?
  7. What form of pursuit factors can live the effectiveness of my campaigns?
  8. This post is galvanized by our recent SMS promoting and Voice Broadcasting posts.

What is Voice SMS Service?

Voice SMS Service Company are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or phone line networks across the country. Voice call permits you to speak together with your customers byline their Mobile/Land phone numbers anyplace in India with a pre-recorded voice message through a completely automatic on-line System.

Voice SMS is completely automatic method hence no operators or dialer is got to a method the decision, once the system is ready together with your pre-recorded message and make contact with the list through our user-friendly online control panel then our system can begin lining the recipients and plays your pre-recorded voice message.

Voice SMS service helps you to enhance your business. You’ll be able to share your info with client, purchasers or together with your friends and the other group. It’s the approach wherever you’ll be able to categorical your emotions, your happiness to the person you wish.

You’ll be able to let your client grasp regarding your events. You’ll be able to send needs to your friends through Voice message Service Provider being to bear together with your friends and family and even a secure thanks for sending the message.

Since its origination in 1990, Voice Broadcasting Service has undergone loads of changes. It’s a human action technique to pitch an oversize variety of potential consumers.

Earlier you’ll broadcast your voice solely through phone calls; currently, you’ll be able to broadcast your voice through emails associated additionally by making an inward Interactive Voice Broadcasting System. Voice Broadcasting Service not only expands your business and increases your sales; it additionally builds a name and goodwill of your business within the market.

With our Voice Broadcasting Service, you’ll be able to send voice messages to lots of and thousands of decision recipients directly. This technology may be terribly helpful for each business businesses and community service suppliers as a result of we are able to target the potential customers for each type of businesses.

Also, the Govt generally uses Voice Broadcasting Service for emergency alerts and supply data just like the renewal of rules and policies to the final public.

Political leaders and parties additionally broadcast their voice to influence general public for casting their votes in favor of their party. Our broadcasting system may also manage the significant load of databases as well as the knowledge and details of all of your contacts.


You can use our Voice SMS Service in a very range of the way:-

  • Miss call alert
  • Notification Calls
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Reminder imply appointments or owed payment
  • Political calls for winning the votes from the general public
  • Interactive Polls and Surveys
  • Health Assessment Calls
  • Generate Leads
  • Promote Events
  • Feedback Forms or Surveys
  • Provide Order standing Updates


Install the Voice Broadcasting Service with us instantly in one touch and quickly offer your customers with the knowledge you would like to broadcast. Your voice messages are often be spoken to offer it that non-public touch you would like to offer.

Bottom line

India’s leading Bulk Voice SMS Service is analogous like your text messages. Here is it, you’ll get a recorded voice from different sender side. In place of voice SMS, I’d wish to recommend incomprehensible decision alert and short code service for lead generation purpose.


How to promote your business door-to-door through Bulk SMS Service?

There is one of the newer ways to market your business is by using Bulk SMS Service. Many business owners are using SMS as a marketing tool. However, there are more utilities of using this marketing option and it may be worth using it for your business.

  • The first benefits and utilities of using Bulk SMS Gateway are keeping in touch with your customers. If you already have the client’s contact information, you should use it to its full advantage. The fact of the matter is that many businesses don’t contact their customers enough. Using SMS is a great way to do so and an effective way to let customers know about special events and offers.


  • The second benefit of using bulk SMS is that it can be low cost effective. This strategy is far cheaper than using direct marketing to let your customers know about your promotion. If you feel that you can’t afford to use direct mailing because of the costs involved, you should consider using SMS as an alternative. You may be surprised at the kind of results you get.


  • The third benefit is that bulk SMS can make your marketing promotion more effective. Studies have proven that Bulk SMS marketing campaigns are much more successful when multiple channels are used. If you have a special event or promotion, you should use many channels from email, blogs, direct mail, phone follow up, and even SMS to maximize your results.


Bulk SMS Service

Promote your business & guaranteed results through Bulk SMS service


Try, Value One to promote your business & guaranteed results. More than 7600+ happy customers love Value One all over India.

  • Value One is a fast growing business Messaging solution provider of India. We offer complete Bulk SMS Service Solutions for your business. Develop your own SMS Notification or on-line Alerting Systems that automates SMS causation and improves service price to customers. Send Bulk SMS for promoting your Product and communicate together with your customers, staff and prospective purchasers. Use this Bulk SMS service to grow your business.


  • Our Application Programming Interface (API) is that the straightforward and versatile choice to integrate the majority SMS options along with your website/applications. Sample code to consume the API is on the market for all programming languages like PHP, ASP, .Net, JSP, VB etc. Send SMS from your Company or name mistreatment distinctive Sender ID.


  • Bulk SMS Service advertisement is an ad sent via SMS. As there are more than 362 million users of mobile phones in India, SMS advertisement can help you to reach a wide spectrum of customers. Moreover, the advertisement is more likely to be read, as it is short and crisp.


  • Low Cost & High Impact SMS advertising allows you to get the most out of your mobile marketing budget. It’s really cheaper other mediums like print and broadcast, which can sometimes even run up your advertising budget.


  • Open Rates 98% of all SMS messages are opened and skim by the recipient, and on the average at intervals 5seconds. That alone sounds spectacular however in comparison to the 20% average open rates of email it’s even higher. To not mention the actual fact that of this 20 % of e-mails that are literally opened the typical open time on these is regarding forty-eight hours. Therefore if you wish to create positive that your message is seen by the best share of individuals in your selling information – select SMS anytime.


  • Speed and suppleness all businesses ought to be double-geared to react to the liquidity of the trendy business world, as flexibility and flexibility area unit key to reacting to the ever ever-changing market conditions. With the virtual zero interval in bulk SMS promoting, campaigns could also be fashioned of associated delivered to their audience in a passing matter of minutes. This might be want to drive sound on a slow day or clear recent stock previous new deliveries. A Bulk SMS Service like that offered by the Text Republic permits businesses to instantly answer the events of the day or to a competitor’s promotions just about instantly.

What is Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS service is a service for sending short text messages to mobile phones. These messages are short, restricted to 160characters or 224 if the 5-bit mode is being used. Bulk SMS is a service to send a large volume of such messages at once to a large number of people. This message can be sent to mobile phones and smartphones.


Bulk SMS is many times referred to as Professional SMS or Business bulk SMS service as it is mostly used to serve professional or business purposes.

It is a powerful tool that can send your message to clients across the globe simultaneously within few seconds. Depending on its use, Bulk SMS can be classified as Promotional Bulk SMS and Transactional Bulk SMS.


Types of Bulk SMS Service


Promotional Bulk SMS :- is used as a powerful marketing tool to effectively communicate your message to a large target audience quickly and safely. It helps to open new doors of opportunity for your business and establish good relations and repo to create Brand value.


Transactional Bulk SMS :- is an exclusive service for certain industries. These include banking sector, hospitals, schools, colleges, transport industry, E-commerce etc. This service can be used by Banks to send transaction details and other notifications. Credit Card companies find it useful for alerts etc.

Colleges and Schools also avail this service for sending fee reminders or registration details or other important notifications. Transactional Bulk SMS also finds great use in the Transport Sector for sharing ticket details, flight and train schedules and more. E-commerce industry utilizes this service for sending information like shipping and dispatch details, transaction information etc.


Advantages of Bulk SMS Service


Bulk SMS offers several advantages that make it highly effective service for business.


Vast Reach


The beauty of Bulk SMS lies in its vast reach. Utilizing the modern day digital technology, it delivers messages to a large number of people, at one go. Roping in the presence and extensive popularity of mobiles, it can target all types of the audience directly across the globe, wherever they are.

It is supported by both regular mobile phones and Smart Phones. The sender need not be technically trained or highly qualified to use Bulk SMS service. Besides, there is no requirement of an internet connection to receive these messages.


Highly Cost Effective and Budget Friendly Bulk SMS Service


Bulk SMS has several unique features that make it stand out from all the marketing tools. Leaflets, brochures, banners, hoardings, there are several innovative ways of marketing. However, Bulk SMS Service can reach a large audience simultaneously at very low costs, in contrast to these marketing tools.

The cost of bulk messages is quite cheap in contrast to regular messages since they are bought in large quantity, making them even cheaper than e-mail marketing or voice calls. Perhaps, no other marketing tool can match the cost-effectiveness of Bulk SMS.


Versatile Use of SMS Marketing


Bulk SMS can be used by anyone. It finds great use in the Business, Corporate, Real Estate and Industrial Sector. It can be used to promote a product, service or any upcoming event.

You can run a competition, even a campaign on it. You can share your offers, discounts, announce sales or new products. It can be used for transactions by financial institutions or for notifications by the education sector.


Suitable for Internal Support and External Marketing


Bulk SMS is often used by Marketing Agencies, Advertising Firms, Financial Institutions, B2B and B2C promotions and campaigns, Travel Agencies or anyone who wants to keep in touch with their customers regularly. Not only it works well for external marketing – reaching out to customers regarding promotions and offers but can be also used for internal support for sending messages or notifications to employees within the company.


Establishes Brand Loyalty Through Bulk SMS Services


Bulk SMS is a great tool to establish your Brand and win loyalty from consumers. This is because it helps you to connect with your consumers on a regular basis ensuring your presence.

It helps to generate leads and sales since it targets only those clients who have opted to receive these messages and are interested in the product offered or the services. Besides, these are very effective since mobiles are usually handy and generally people read the messages within few minutes of delivery making it a very effective marketing tool. No other tool gives this kind of assurance.


Operationally Convenient Bulk SMS Services For You


Another great advantage with Bulk SMS is its operational convenience. All you have to do is select a Service Provider, create your Account, upload your list of recipients, write your message and simply SEND.

Within few seconds, your message will splash on mobiles across the globe and within few minutes, it will be read by your discerning clients. These are those people who have chosen to be on your list.

Thus, it causes no harassment to people and is convenient both for the sender and the recipient. That is the greatest advantage of “India’s No.1 Bulk SMS Service Provider“.


Tangible ROI


And that is not all. Apart from low costs, convenience, fast pace of delivery, Bulk SMS also offers the advantage of measuring the impact of the messages. If the message has any links, then the number of hits due to that message can be obtained.

In fact, the sales gained because the message can also be measured. Online delivery reports and other statistics are available that can help to take effective marketing decisions. Thus Bulk SMS gives quantifiable ROI.


Summarizing, Bulk SMS offers you several advantages


  • Great value for Money
  • Low Cost
  • Saves Time
  • Efficient
  • Tangible ROI

There are no limits to what can be done with Bulk SMS Service. We offer a versatile platform for marketing and can be used innovatively to reach a large volume of people with your message in one go.

Bulk SMS gives you the power of marketing in your hand, instantly and 24 by 7!

Bulk SMS For Marketing

Why Do You need to Choose Bulk SMS Service for Marketing?

For an inexperienced Entrepreneur, any massive investment in the marketing sector can prove to be a fatal step. It is, therefore, crucial for you to opt for a method that is reliable and effective in order to get a competitive edge in the market. However, in today’s time and age, bulk SMS service for marketing is to be a really effective marketing strategy.

In this mobile-friendly world, you’ll hardly find anyone without a cell phone. And with mobile phones extending their reach to just about every corner of the earth and with SMS becoming an incredibly popular means of communication, Bulk SMS service for marketing in Delhi has emerged as an effective marketing technique.

Since Short Message Service (SMS) is gaining popularity, there are several different types of messages services coming up today in order to keep pace with the expectations of the people. This has also led to the advancement of the Bulk SMS Service provider in Noida and pan India. Today, Bulk SMS in India has created a huge sensation amongst the entrepreneurs as it allows them to send messages to thousands of clients and customers with just a click of the button. Today, almost every e-marketing company is making use of the service of bulk SMS Service for marketing in India to reach a vast range of people.

So, what exactly is Bulk SMS Service? Let’s find out!


Understand Bulk SMS Service For Marketing in India


Bulk SMS is basically a process that lets you send messages to multiple mobile terminals in one go. The messages are sent via a computer system. Given there are over 4 billion mobile users, Bulk SMS Service Provider in Noida and the rest of India are increasing at an alarming rate. Besides, this definitely is a reliable and effective marketing strategy not only for MNCs but also for new and inexperienced entrepreneurs. But, why is bulk messaging so popular? Here, let’s take a look at the multi-faceted features of bulk SMS service. All these features make it a powerful marketing tool especially for the inexperienced entrepreneurs who wish to kick off their marketing campaign.


Features of Bulk SMS Service:-


1-Working schedule is flexible


In comparison to the other marketing strategies, in bulk messaging, you do not have to stick to a proper time schedule. You can send messages to your customers at any time convenient to you.


2-Saves time


Since the entire marketing is handled by either a service provider or a software, it saves a lot of your time. You can use this time to focus on your core business activities.


3-Response rate is higher


Another key advantage of the bulk messaging service is that the response rate of the bulk messaging is higher than other marketing strategies such as banner or TV ads.


4-Implementation is easy


In order to make use of the bulk messaging software, you do not need any additional experience or qualifications. Simply provide the mobile number of your customer, type your message and click the send button.


5-Helps in boosting the productivity of the business


Since the messages are delivered to the customers directly within a span of few minutes, it not only improves the productivity of your business but also brings immediate traffic to your website.


6-Requires little investment


One of the most important features of the bulk SMS service that makes it a preferred marketing tool for the inexperienced entrepreneurs is that it doesn’t require a lot of investment. You can use this service either via a reliable bulk SMS provider in Noida or via a software.

In case, you do not have enough time to do things on your own, it is best to hire a Bulk SMS provider in Noida. You can also use a software to do things for you but the service providers are better equipped and have a better reach. This is because they make use of a range of APIs such as SMPP, HTTP, SOAP and SMTP to send a message. So, it is a good idea to hire a service provider to do this task for you.


7-Helps improve your relationship with the customer


With bulk messaging, it is easier for you to connect with your customers. You can send them alerts, updates, and notifications with regards to your products or service. It is better if you use a more personalized tone to make your customer feel that you care for them.


8-Managing is easy


Since, bulk messaging results in immediate sales, it is easier for you to manage it. You do not have to monitor the results or wait for a while to see the impact of this marketing strategy. In a span of few days only, you will get a clear idea about the reach and effectiveness of your marketing campaign.


Final Word


The entire concept of bulk messaging has made SMS marketing very simplified and quick since the messages are sent directly over the direct to mobile gateways. With the help of this marketing, strategy businesses can reach their customers and clients at a time convenient to them and yet experience a positive result. However, for your mobile marketing strategy to be successful, you need to ensure that you get in touch with a reliable service provider. One of the most reliable Bulk SMS service providers in Delhi NCR is Value one. Do check out their website to know more about their services.