How to Block Promotional SMS?

We completely mentioned on what’s DND and the to activate do not Disturb in India on your mobile number. For reference, here is that article again >> the way to Activate DND in India and Block Those Spam my selling Calls & SMS.

Consent to send you promotional SMS and Bulk SMS. It’s after you sponsor your favorite brands or after you eat at your favorite eateries, the workers can fire your feedback besides your Name and phone number and email address. this can be precisely the moment after you become a part of their selling system as they store your mobile number in their client info and so begin the downpour of the offers and promotions on your mobile phone via SMS. These SMS typically have a prefix of AM, DM, VM, IM, AD, MD, VK, AP, HP, etc.

Unfortunately, there are no thanks to getting rid of these annoying Promotional SMS service in one go. It’s very painful to do it individually as well. You’ll need to contact each and every store, via SMS, or call, email or face to face. Luckily, our society consists of some useful those who carry down the data gathered for others to avail additionally. Due to such people. We’ve got the subsequent little bit of data that I might wish to share with you. The list is in written record order sorted by alphabet, for your convenience.

How To De-Register/Block Promotional SMS that doesn’t seem to be Blocked By DND?


Type “DOM UNSUB” and SMS to 5607061

Type “LEAVE” and SMS to 9243000111
or provide Them A Miss go into 08033509017

Give Them A Miss go into 08067006005

Type “LENS” and SMS to 567678

Type “MMTSTOP” and SMS to 56161

Type “stopmyntrasms” and SMS to 9902099020
or provide Them A Miss go into 08067006917

Contact OlaCabs On Twitter and that they can Unsubscribe Your number. Twitter Link: OlaCabs

Contact PizzaHut on Twitter and that they can Unsubscribe Your number. Twitter Link: PizzaHut Cares

Type “STOP” and SMS to any UBER SMS you received
or Contact Uber On Their website and that they can Unsubscribe Your number

Type “NOSMS” and SMS to 56161

I will continue adding additional to the present list till we tend to get all doable brands that send promotional SMS on regular basis. If you recognize some additional brands or services then be happy to share with the U.S.A. via the comment section below. we are going to extremely appreciate all the assistance we will get. TIA

Please Note, AM, DM, etc messages from your monetary establishments, like banks, insurance corporations, etc. mustn’t be unsubscribed from. These SMS give data to you prefer your bank balance, delinquent payments, ATM withdrawals, and similar necessary notifications. They’re extremely necessary and you must keep them per se.

Also, you’ll get some promotional SMS from stores or services that you just haven’t detected of. Like weight loss programs, or Property available. You certainly didn’t provide your consent to those establishments however they got your variety from some partner programs. For instance, you sign in for offers from a replacement building that you just visited. That building has its customers’ info sharing happening with its partner program. And your variety is circulated to varied stores and services that you just won’t even grasp of. These individuals bulk SMS to the complete info. it’s going to be nearly not possible for you to backtrace on wherever they got the quantity from. thus in these cases, it’s best to contact them via their website or Twitter or FB page and raise them to get rid of your variety.

Lastly, as so much as email selling goes, it’s the simplest to dam your email id from them. Within the finish of each such marketing/promotional email, you’ll see the golden words “UNSUBSCRIBE”. Follow the link and fill in your email id, if needed. That might take away your ID from their info straight away. Works sort of a charm.

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