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How to efficiently increase your reach via text messages?

If you are a company with branches in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, does that mean a person sitting in Jaipur cannot reach you? Of course not. A Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi – NCR can help you reach out to your target audience in any part of the country in an efficient manner. Since texting is one of the most common ways to reach people, many companies have started using bulk SMS companies to send out text messages to their customers.

While smaller businesses may lament the fact that they do not have the advertising budgets that larger businesses have, but what they do have is the ability to provide customer service. Through this blog, we will learn how a text messages service provider can help you reach your intended target audience.


1-Targeting and Personalisation through text messages


While sending out SMS through a India’s No.1 Bulk SMS service provider, you must make sure that you are reaching out to the right people. Although this may seem like a burdensome task, it is key to ensuring that you have received their attention. For, E.g., if you are a car servicing center where people regularly bring their cars, and you have recently branched out to a different place, and want to inform people about it. You can send a promotional message through a bulk SMS company that says:

Hi Pooja, we have opened a new servicing center in Khar. Visit it for 15% off on your next service and an additional 10% if you refer us to a friend. Offer valid for four days.

Through this simple message, you have conveyed to your customer that you value their service and you are promoting your business through word-of-mouth marketing.

2-Correct Timing


Timing has to be taken into consideration to ensure that the message you have sent out will bring in better results. It has been revealed that businesses that send out texts close to the time when the event takes place have a better response than those who send them a day or two ahead. You wouldn’t want to send out a message in the middle of the night when it can disturb the client. Sending a text within business hours from 8 am to 6 pm is considered respectful marketing.

3-Right bulk SMS provider


It is essential to find the correct vendor to send your Bulk SMS which has the right list of customers to which you can send your texts. For, E.g., a bulk SMS service provider in Delhi – NCR will have a genuine contact list to whom you can send a promotional message for enhancing your business or marketing and notification alerts. An authentic vendor will provide you with not only a broad database for access but also an active one. And a bulk SMS provider will also offer you a practical marketing resource.

4-Conducting Polls

Any business can use SMS to find out what the client is thinking about. If you are a restaurant, you can ask the customer how their experience was or what their opinion was on the dining and ambiance. While others can use SMS to find out how their mobile site is working or ask them about any changes they would like to see in the services provided. It goes a long way in creating a loyal customer base because businesses that keep in mind customer opinion and customer satisfaction can hold on to the customers. Studies have shown that only 1 out of 30 customers will complain and that 90% unhappy customers who do not oppose will probably never do business with you.

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