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How to plan your bulk SMS campaign in Delhi-NCR ?

Bulk SMS campaign is also called mobile marketing and is an active marketing strategy that is being used by companies to promote their business and be a step ahead of their competition. Gone are the days when sending bulk SMS had a negative impact on businesses as they used a cold database and started spamming the receivers, nowadays SMS marketing has changed the way people see marketing messages. Companies are sending text messages to pass on promotional giveaways to consumers by alerting them to product initiates, special offers, and perks.

But before starting your SMS campaign, it is essential for you to decide the best ways to kick-off your campaign with the help of bulk SMS providers. There are two common ways; one of them is through Bulk SMS service providers, and the other is through an SMS software through which you will be able to make use of SMS for your advertising campaign.

Here are a few steps to plan your strategy to increase the performance of your bulk SMS campaign


1-Assess Opportunities for Marketing Communication


An appropriately designed bulk SMS campaign is easy to deal with and will improve your business efficiency. Ensure that you have examined and understood the needs of your target audience. You also need to plan your total promotion budget to get a better idea of gauging the success potential of the campaign. Each bulk SMS price should be taken into consideration.


2-Relevant SMS


It is now time to focus on the content, format and appeal factor of your content. You need to ensure that the SMS states the reason clearly so the recipients can act on it. Let them know what they need to do to benefit from the information you have sent. You must keep in mind that for any promotional campaign to be successful, its appeal and execution work together.

Using SMS keywords is a great way to attract customers. E.g. a bulk SMS service provider in Delhi sends a text OFFERS to 78789XXX to receive discount coupons for a theater near you. This will help in growing an opt-in list of customers who choose to receive your SMS alerts.


3-Limited number of SMS


As a company, there are many questions that you need to ask yourself. Should you send your bulk SMS campaigns every day, weekly or monthly? Sending messages too frequently can irritate the consumer, and they might end up unsubscribe from the service, and if you leave sending the messages for too long, the customer may lose interest, and they might forget the reason they subscribed to your message.

Hence, there is no fixed amount of message that you should send to your customer – the frequency of SMS needs to be adjusted based on your target audience and the purpose of your message.


4-Mobile Phone Compatibility


Make sure that the SMS that you send out to your consumers is compatible with all mobile handsets. You also should provide them with the option of unsubscribing to create a good impression among the consumers. You should ensure to make it clear to the consumers that they can stop receiving messages from you at any given time.


5-Accurate Data Source


A bulk SMS service provider in Delhi who wants to send a message to customers all over the country needs to make sure that the numbers are original and not spam.

You should buy a precise database from reliable sources to ensure the success of your bulk SMS campaign. A professional service of bulk SMS campaign will have a distinctive range of marketing which will help you send bulk SMS efficiently. Since sending bulk SMS is a costly affair, in order to continue sending messages, be sure to check the recipients regularly. Delete the numbers that you can’t reach to save time and money. If you send an SMS to the same recipient three times and if they do not respond, do not send them any more messages.

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