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How to reach out to a wider audience through bulk SMS?

Imagine a start-up in Mumbai, that is planning to pan out its branches to other cities or a networking company in Delhi. that has a broader audience in Bangalore and Mumbai but is unable to target them at the same time. Does that mean it is the end for them? The answer to this is not. Stop wasting your time looking for a solution because the answer is right in front of you. India is one such country where approximately 9 in 10 people have a mobile phone, and bulk SMS company should make use of this for reaching a wider audience.

Various studies have even shown that every text message that you send out is read within five to ten minutes of it being received, so it increases the chance of placing your company in the very palm of your target audience.


What is bulk SMS?


Before we move on to how and why we should use bulk SMS provider for the marketing of our business, we should know what bulk SMS is? Sending a text message to a large number of recipients at the same time is called a bulk SMS. At present, some bulk SMS company offers their services to various businesses to help with their marketing.


What is the advantage of sending a bulk SMS?


Established companies like Pepsi and Nestle spend a lot of money on branding and marketing, even if they do not market their product it wouldn’t affect their sales because they have already built a loyal customer base. But if you are a relatively new and upcoming company that cannot afford to spend more than a given amount on branding through campaigns and event promotions, bulk SMS is the way to go. And who is to say that after spending so much money on it will lead to positive results.

In that case, it makes bulk SMS services an excellent choice for all kinds of business who either wish to expand their business or put themselves out on the market. Bulk SMS services can be used for product launch information, lead generation, seasonal discounts, appointment reminders and coupon promotions.




1-Personalised text message


It not only ensures that the message you send out is short and to the point but also relevant to your strategy. Sending an SMS has a personal feel to it and hence has a higher chance of response.


2-Wider Audience


Even if the people do not use internet on their phones, everyone knows how to read and send an SMS which is why there is a higher chance of businesses targeting a wider audience and in a shorter period.


3-Cost Efficient


While ad campaigns and events can be a costly affair, sending a bulk SMS is comparatively cheaper, and you can still increase awareness amongst the audience even if they do not take you up on your offer immediately.




Through bulk SMS India, you can choose to send your message across to hundreds or thousands of people by creating specific promotional offers or just an update your customers. Bulk SMS India can be drafted according to the needs of the business which makes it flexible for the clients.


5-No additional time required


The blessing associated with sending bulk SMS is that you can quickly send your message across to your target audience. You do not need to worry about having to take out time for planning as you can send an SMS with your ongoing marketing strategies.


6-Filtered Contacts


Sending a bulk SMS makes sure that the message has been sent to the right audience. All the contacts have already been filtered to ensure that there are no spams which increase the chance of reaping good results.


To sum it all up, sending bulk SMS is undoubtedly money well-spent


Now that we know the benefits of sending a bulk SMS to your business, it is essential to talk about which service provider we should opt for. Since marketing is more about effectiveness and results, businesses should make sure that they have done their market research so that they can create an efficient bulk SMS strategy that caters to their needs. Value One is the best Bulk SMS company in Delhi – NCR

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