How to Send Free SMS to your Customers via Way2SMS ?

A Business runs on promotions. Without the knowledge of what your business is all about, you will not be able to attract the desired crowd your way. In order to attract the right customers, you have to spread the word about your business, quite literally. One of the commonest ways to do that is by sending out SMS. The general reach of send free SMS to your customers is much wider than other means of advertisement. In this digital age, almost everyone has a cell phone. The best part of sending out an send free SMS is that one need not own a smartphone in order to receive the messages. The text message is the most basic feature available in every cell phone. Thus, it reaches a broader audience.

Now, when you have to send out messages related to your business, it has to be in bulk. Sites offering bulk messages often charge a lot of money. Something that a new business might not be able to afford. For such situations, we have sites like Way2SMS

Way2SMS is one of the very cost-effective methods for sending out bulk messages to your customers. Some of its basic features are as under:

  • Sending unlimited messages to any cell number operated by any network service provider across the country.
  • Guarantee of delivering messages to each and every working number on the list, without fail.
  • Ease in sending out bulk messages to multiple cell connections in one go with no hassles at all.
  • Facility for scheduling messages. If you have to wish a customer on one of their special days or send out a time-specific message, you can do so easily.
  • As already stated, the messages will be delivered to almost all the network services operating in India.
  • There are options for the commercial package for corporate houses that require bulk messaging to promote their businesses.

How to Use send free SMS?

In order to use Way2SMS to send messages, you first need to register yourself with their website by creating a personal account. It is the mandatory step before you can start using their services.

The procedure is as follows:-

  • Open the site and go to home page.
  • Look up the “Register here” field and click on it.
  • There will be several details asked of you, fill in all the relevant blanks to sign up.
  • The site will ask you for your personal bio, such as name, date of birth, your job profile, a place you live, so on and so forth.
  • Next, they will ask for your cell number. Make sure you enter a valid number as they will be asking you to verify it by sending an OTP or verification code to the entered number. Without this step, the registration process will not be completed. It is a mandatory field.
  • Once you have successfully identified your number the registration process is complete and you will receive a mail welcoming you to the site.

You are now ready to use the services offered by the website.

How to Send Messages

Getting registered was just the first step towards using the services of bulk messaging. Next is to follow the following procedure:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on “Quick SMS” icon if you wish to send a single message to a friend or as a tester.
  • Now add the list of your contacts or customer details to your virtual address book.
  • There is also the option of sending group SMS to several people at a go.
  • You can also create a customized group. This can help out segregate your clients, depending on various criteria.

You just need to feed the basic data to the website, the rest is simply about clicking and sending and you are sorted. If you are in search for a reliable partner which can help you sort your bulk SMS marketing worries, then do refer

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