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How to send bulk SMS free from internet to mobile

In this present day scenario, marketing has become an important factor to take a leap in the competitive world. It doesn’t matter if it is a job or company which is aiming to rope in new clients; a perfect marketing strategy like Bulk SMS, Voice SMS, Digital Marketing can help your venture reach new heights.

What are the marketing trends prevailing currently? If we talk about the running trends, it has been analyzed that several small and medium-sized firms are looking out for cost-effective methods to be implemented under marketing plans keeping in mind the rising input as well as production costs. Hence, the topmost cost-efficient way of marketing for reaching out to a massive audience is surely Bulk SMS Marketing. The popularity of Bulk SMS service has been acknowledged by major organizations and firms operating in India. Also, the prospects for bulk SMS provider in the nation are seen to be quite bright.


Free Bulk SMS Service Software


Free Bulk SMS software is generally selected by several small and medium-sized firms. The reason for their fame and popularity is due to the various benefits which a bulk SMS sending system offers to support your prime marketing strategy. The foremost step is to download the correct SMS software. For this, you can check out different bulk SMS available at various trusted online websites.


Sending Bulk SMS via Internet


Unlike different SMS sending solutions available for users, the use of the internet for accessing Bulk SMS service proves quite advantageous. How? The user holds the power to access his/her account as well as manage to send SMS messages without any restriction of time & location. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, with the presence of an internet enabled device you can send bulk SMS without any hassle.

After you have gained access to a specific bulk SMS service from a reputed bulk SMS provider, it permits you to access a personal online account via any internet associated Web browser. Therefore, this user-friendly software enables you to create and handle your different online sharing groups managed within the created account.


Steps Related to Sending Bulk SMS via the Internet


The steps to follow to Send bulk SMS free from the Internet to your mobile are simple.

  •      Firstly, create a Bulk SMS account using any of the free Bulk SMS software.
  •      You will be lead to the main page and automatically logged in. Here you can access the Email inbox.
  •      From this space, you can frame a message via internet to the mobile phone.
  •      Once the message is created, enter the mobile phone number in the space provided for Recipient.
  •      Do not forget to enter your name in the Sender box. You have the full freedom to customize your SMS at this stage.
  •      Cross check everything and click to send the SMS.
  •      Do check your phone if you have received the SMS or not. This acts as an assurance since now you can use this application for reaching out to your wide list of clients.

In order to send messages to a large number of clients over the phone, there is a requirement to recharge your account through the offering of a specified payment.


Additional Benefits of Bulk SMS Service


  • Send messages (SMS) through your email client
  • SMS responses can be forwarded to a particular URL or email address as per your preference
  • Leverage to schedule SMS messaging
  • A user can view & download messages as well as delivery reports

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