SMS Gateway Working Process

Many of us familiar with the word Bulk SMS a number of us operate bulk SMS however they didn’t have intelligibility on Bulk SMS functioning. Here we are seen complete practicality of Bulk SMS gateway.

Today I’m going to give coherence on Bulk SMS working method. Before learning regarding operating method let see short note on Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is that the method for sending a great deal of information to the massive volume of peoples right away. It will be used to promote business; generate leads, sending informative messages, sending alerts, and many more.

Below image shows Step by Step procedure regarding Bulk SMS gateway

Bulk SMS gateway operating method

Bulk SMS operating method With clarification

Operators (Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Docomo, BSNL, JIO, etc)
Gateway providers
SMPP (short-message-peer to peer)
Reseller Account Holders
Normal Accounts Holders
We are sending No. of SMS through Bulk SMS Account all reach to operators as a result of operator is that the just one to send messages exploitation wireless network satellite signals. we are going to forward our messages to operators they’re for forwarding to the list of numbers.

Operators are the primary party in overall Bulk SMS method. Operators play a key role in causation Bulk SMS while not having their permission we tend to unable to send the SMS. Any user crosses their limits (or terms and conditions) in causation Bulk SMS the operator block that account.

Gateway suppliers

Bulk SMS entry suppliers area unit act as second half in Bulk SMS. they’re going to take the permission from operators and telecommunication department to sell bulk SMS services to a 3rd party, when receiving permission from operators and telecommunication department they begin the mercantilism Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS entry suppliers are having some responsibilities to keep up or sell bulk SMS answer they’re should and may follow the principles and rules issued by the telecommunication department.

SMPP Holders

SMPP means that short messages peer to look. The SMPP holders area unit acts as the third party in overall bulk SMS method. The SMPP Holders area unit the suppliers for Bulk SMS answer they’re having the choice provide reseller accounts furthermore as traditional accounts.


They are the last party in bulk SMS they’re taking rights from SMPP holders to provide Bulk SMS solutions. they are maintaining solely account and that they have the permission to access and manage they provide bulk SMS accounts however they didn’t have rights to prevent messages that are management only bulk SMS gateways.

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