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Want to Reach 100000 Users? “The Only solution is Bulk SMS Service”

In today’s time and age, bulk SMS is becoming extremely important for a company to reach its wide customer base. Using this service you can reach as many as 10,00,000 users with just a click of the button. Now, when you know that the service is so important to help you reach your clients and users spread across the country, you ought to know, how to pick the best Bulk SMS Service in IndiaLet’s find out!


Factors to consider when selecting Bulk SMS Service in India?


Products and services:-


Does your chosen provider of bulk messaging in India offer a vast range of functions and features? Do they have different ways of sending bulk messages? What are the useful functionalities of their services?

For instance, does your chosen bulk SMS company, provide you with an HLR lookup service for you to confirm your contact information? When you use the HLR lookup, you can double check the identity of the subscriber and their phone number. This is helpful in saving money which would have gone waste in sending out messages to invalid numbers. Besides this, you must also look out for features such as a delivery status of messages and messaging scheduling. Besides this, the company must provide for a two way messaging. This is necessary when you want the customers to follow up your SMS. When the provider offers a vast range of services, you can save a lot of money in the long run.


Coverage and reliability:-


There are several providers of bulk messaging in India, that claim that they offer an absolute coverage across the globe. However, as you know the question is not about the coverage but rather the reliability of the provider, hence you ought to be very careful in your choice. For instance, if the primary route is blocked, does the provider have an equally reliable backup facility? So, when you opt for a provider of bulk messaging in India, do take a note of the countries and operators that they are connected with. Enquire them about their route to the destination. All of this is critical in selecting a bulk SMS provider.


Quality of Network:-


Sometimes, bulk SMS price quoted by a company is very low. This low price often has an impact on the quality of the network. If the network quality is below par, it might affect the speed of delivery of messages. In some cases, the messages might even be lost in the way. If the message fails to reach the recipient, it is a waste of your money and time. A good bulk SMS provider will usually have direct routing or rather a network of their own. Whenever a provider offers you a free trial make sure you test the quality of the network. Please know that there will be some providers that will offer you different routing options for bulk messaging. In that case, it is for you to decide whether speed or cost is more critical in that case.


Customer Services:-


Sending or receiving messages is not difficult. However, if you watch out for the odds of different mobile operators and geographical location, the problems associated with the bulk SMS service are huge. Thus, you must always opt for a bulk SMS provider which not only offers you a great service but also backs it up with round the clock customer support either by way of email or chat or both. In this manner, you can get support irrespective of the time of the day, a day of the week or your time zone. It is important for you to know that several companies that offer below than normal bulk SMS price often tend to compromise on the customer support. So, before you select a provider make sure you take a strict note of this factor.


Payment method and minimum orders:-


Usually, The payments for this service is done in advance. So, after you make the prepayment, the service provider will convert your money into credits. These credits will be deducted when you send the text messages. However, there are other service providers that maintain a monetary account that is debited by them once the text messages are sent. Whichever company you use, you need to know that a provider requires you to send out a minimum number of messages within the specified time limit. So, when you select a service provider, make sure you take a close look at the payment mechanism and the minimum order requirement set by them. In case your requirement is huge, you can request them for further discounts.




When you are pre-paying for your bulk SMS service, you need to do a proper background check of the bulk SMS service provider company. So, do a thorough check of the credentials of the company to ensure that your money doesn’t go in vain.


Price is not the only determinant


Low prices and discounts are often believed to be the prime driver of sales. However, you must always keep in mind, ‘you get what you pay for.’ To this adage, bulk SMS is no exception. Enterprises have to make a choice between paying less in the present and then paying more later when they experience glitches in the service or paying a decent amount to avail the service of a reliable bulk SMS Service in India. So, when you are selecting a company for bulk messaging in India, you need to take note of factors beyond the bulk SMS price.


What are these factors that ought to be considered?
  • Network Quality
  • Coverage
  • Customer Service

This is not all. Here, let’s take a detailed look at the factors of consideration before selecting the provider for bulk messaging in India.


Final Word


The above-listed factors are important when selecting a bulk SMS provider. One such reliable provider is Value one that not only offers best bulk SMS price but also assures great service.

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  1. Well said, wants to reach 100000 users implement bulk sms services in your business. In single click, SMS were sent to all users in seconds. After this you will experience a great effect in Lead generation.

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