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Top 8 Ways to Market your Business Through Bulk SMS

Huge establishments as well as the large-scale enterprises require massive infrastructure, employee a number of people and have a high turnover. All business houses work with a prime agenda of staying relevant in the market. This can be achieved by Bulk SMS service.

  • Acquiring more subscribers or customers
  • Generating huge profits
  • Effectively managing the employees

So, here we have come up with 8 key ways in which the large business houses and enterprises can use bulk SMS service to manage, market and promote their business better.


1-Internal Business Communication through Bulk SMS Service


In order to manage the staff effectively, communication is the key. It can be quite a task to communicate with the staff. Things get worse when the number of employees is huge as seen in several large-scale enterprises. By way of a bulk SMS service provider, internal communication can be made easy.

Using the bulk message free service, you can send all the important messages pertaining to notifications about the firm to the employees. This is necessary to ensure that all the employees are kept in the loop.




Bulk SMS service can also be used to send notifications to eligible candidates in case of fresh recruitments. These SMSs could be notifications relating to communication of employment offers, interview calls, calls for aptitude tests or any new job vacancy advertisement.


3-Organizing Seminars And Workshops


When a business enterprise is organizing a training program, workshops or seminars, bulk SMS service can be very effective. These seminars and workshops are organized to accentuate the productivity of the staff. So, using a reliable bulk SMS service provider, companies can intimate the staff about the impending seminars or workshops.


4-Intimating the Customers of any unexpected Delay or Problem


Services of a bulk SMS provider can also be used to intimate your customers or clients. In case there is a system breakdown which might hamper the delivery of your products or services to the clients, it is your responsibility to intimate them in advance.

Moreover, it is their right to be informed. So, you can use the bulk message free service to keep them informed of these developments. If you do that, they would be able to trust you more as they would know anything that’s important for them is told to them well in advance.

It is a good strategy to retain old customers and acquire new customers. If you have a bunch of satisfied customers, your goodwill in the market will increase. Moreover, there is a chance that they’ll refer your name to others in the business.


5-Business Marketing


For business houses that wish to expand their return on investment, marketing via bulk SMS service can be a good alternative. For this, all that you need to do is, acquire the phone numbers and details of all the prospective and existing customers and send them SMS via a reliable bulk SMS provider

In this manner, you can make them a partner in your marketing campaign. This is a good technique to inform the customers of new discounts and promos, advertise the new products and send out notifications relating to new products or services. There are several business houses and enterprises that make use of short codes for the marketing of their business.


6-Retain the trust of existing clients and strengthen the customer client relationship


All valuable and lasting friendships are built on prolonged and regular communications. This very rule applies to retain your customers as well. Business houses must work to ensure that the customers are not just a medium of income for them but also their friends.

This can be achieved by way of the bulk message free service. Several top business houses also use this type of service to appreciate their clients from time to time. You can also use this service to acknowledge the milestone events of their lives, send festival wishes or even just thank them for connecting with your company.

There is nothing that helps retain a client more than the feeling that you really care for them and they are appreciated.


7-Get Honest Customer Feedback


Several large and medium-sized enterprises also make use of the bulk message free service to get honest feedback from the customers on the quality of the products or services offered by them.

With the help of the bulk SMS service, enterprises can seek a response to any particular service or an aspect of the firm’s product or service with which they aren’t satisfied. Commendations are also an option. It is a great way to find out the direction in which your business is moving. This is a great strategy to stay relevant in the market.


8-Follow up with the potential clients


In today’s times of tough competition, follow-ups with prospective clients and customers are extremely important to expand your business. There are few customers that do not connect with you on the first go but are slightly interested in your product or service.

With them, you need regular pestering. So, if you contact them on regular basis by way of free messaging service, there is a chance that they might agree to connect with you. For business houses that already have to telemarketers a prime source of business promotion and marketing, it can be a great way of finding out all the clients that may be interested in doing business with you.

There is a chance they might never connect with you ever. But as you know, every new connection is only profitable for you so, you do not stop trying. Follow them up with bulk SMS and see the results.


Final Word


There are innumerable ways in which the bulk SMS service can help your business grow. The above listed 8 ways are only a tip of the iceberg. So, use this incredible service and see your business reach new heights in just a short span of time. If you are looking for a reliable bulk SMS service provider, Value one can be a great alternative.

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