What is Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS service is a service for sending short text messages to mobile phones. These messages are short, restricted to 160characters or 224 if the 5-bit mode is being used. Bulk SMS is a service to send a large volume of such messages at once to a large number of people. This message can be sent to mobile phones and smartphones.


Bulk SMS is many times referred to as Professional SMS or Business bulk SMS service as it is mostly used to serve professional or business purposes.

It is a powerful tool that can send your message to clients across the globe simultaneously within few seconds. Depending on its use, Bulk SMS can be classified as Promotional Bulk SMS and Transactional Bulk SMS.


Types of Bulk SMS Service


Promotional Bulk SMS :- is used as a powerful marketing tool to effectively communicate your message to a large target audience quickly and safely. It helps to open new doors of opportunity for your business and establish good relations and repo to create Brand value.


Transactional Bulk SMS :- is an exclusive service for certain industries. These include banking sector, hospitals, schools, colleges, transport industry, E-commerce etc. This service can be used by Banks to send transaction details and other notifications. Credit Card companies find it useful for alerts etc.

Colleges and Schools also avail this service for sending fee reminders or registration details or other important notifications. Transactional Bulk SMS also finds great use in the Transport Sector for sharing ticket details, flight and train schedules and more. E-commerce industry utilizes this service for sending information like shipping and dispatch details, transaction information etc.


Advantages of Bulk SMS Service


Bulk SMS offers several advantages that make it highly effective service for business.


Vast Reach


The beauty of Bulk SMS lies in its vast reach. Utilizing the modern day digital technology, it delivers messages to a large number of people, at one go. Roping in the presence and extensive popularity of mobiles, it can target all types of the audience directly across the globe, wherever they are.

It is supported by both regular mobile phones and Smart Phones. The sender need not be technically trained or highly qualified to use Bulk SMS service. Besides, there is no requirement of an internet connection to receive these messages.


Highly Cost Effective and Budget Friendly Bulk SMS Service


Bulk SMS has several unique features that make it stand out from all the marketing tools. Leaflets, brochures, banners, hoardings, there are several innovative ways of marketing. However, Bulk SMS Service can reach a large audience simultaneously at very low costs, in contrast to these marketing tools.

The cost of bulk messages is quite cheap in contrast to regular messages since they are bought in large quantity, making them even cheaper than e-mail marketing or voice calls. Perhaps, no other marketing tool can match the cost-effectiveness of Bulk SMS.


Versatile Use of SMS Marketing


Bulk SMS can be used by anyone. It finds great use in the Business, Corporate, Real Estate and Industrial Sector. It can be used to promote a product, service or any upcoming event.

You can run a competition, even a campaign on it. You can share your offers, discounts, announce sales or new products. It can be used for transactions by financial institutions or for notifications by the education sector.


Suitable for Internal Support and External Marketing


Bulk SMS is often used by Marketing Agencies, Advertising Firms, Financial Institutions, B2B and B2C promotions and campaigns, Travel Agencies or anyone who wants to keep in touch with their customers regularly. Not only it works well for external marketing – reaching out to customers regarding promotions and offers but can be also used for internal support for sending messages or notifications to employees within the company.


Establishes Brand Loyalty Through Bulk SMS Services


Bulk SMS is a great tool to establish your Brand and win loyalty from consumers. This is because it helps you to connect with your consumers on a regular basis ensuring your presence.

It helps to generate leads and sales since it targets only those clients who have opted to receive these messages and are interested in the product offered or the services. Besides, these are very effective since mobiles are usually handy and generally people read the messages within few minutes of delivery making it a very effective marketing tool. No other tool gives this kind of assurance.


Operationally Convenient Bulk SMS Services For You


Another great advantage with Bulk SMS is its operational convenience. All you have to do is select a Service Provider, create your Account, upload your list of recipients, write your message and simply SEND.

Within few seconds, your message will splash on mobiles across the globe and within few minutes, it will be read by your discerning clients. These are those people who have chosen to be on your list.

Thus, it causes no harassment to people and is convenient both for the sender and the recipient. That is the greatest advantage of “India’s No.1 Bulk SMS Service Provider“.


Tangible ROI


And that is not all. Apart from low costs, convenience, fast pace of delivery, Bulk SMS also offers the advantage of measuring the impact of the messages. If the message has any links, then the number of hits due to that message can be obtained.

In fact, the sales gained because the message can also be measured. Online delivery reports and other statistics are available that can help to take effective marketing decisions. Thus Bulk SMS gives quantifiable ROI.


Summarizing, Bulk SMS offers you several advantages


  • Great value for Money
  • Low Cost
  • Saves Time
  • Efficient
  • Tangible ROI

There are no limits to what can be done with Bulk SMS Service. We offer a versatile platform for marketing and can be used innovatively to reach a large volume of people with your message in one go.

Bulk SMS gives you the power of marketing in your hand, instantly and 24 by 7!

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