Why WhatsApp marketing is the best asset for business?

WhatsApp business’ app for all small businesses is designed for free use on android smartphones and the purpose behind launching this app is to make it easy for WhatsApp’s 1.3. billion users to reach out to these businesses.

We believe that WhatsApp is one such communications app that penetrated into the market like nobody did and it cares for its users like nobody else does!

Some extremely spectacular whatsApp statistics to contemplate which may impact your business:

What is WhatsApp Business App?

‘WhatsApp’ provides phone-number primarily based electronic communication and folks asked, ‘Isn’t that what SMS is?

’ Yes but SMS is expensive, antiquated and what WhatsApp did was modernize and level that playing field – Brian Acton

Since the terribly starting, WhatsApp religiously followed its profound ideal of – NO ADS!

NO GAMES! NO GIMMICKS! WhatsApp business app is no indifferent.

It permits any tiny business to customise their business profile mistreatment numerous tools, send tailor-made messages so on.

As per WhatsApp and any derived from Morning Consult Study, over eightieth tiny businesses in an Asian country and Brazil bank heavily on WhatsApp to run their business.

It helps them with two things efficiently:
Communicate with their customers
Scale up their business

We don’t need to create a attach app therefore you’ll be able to notice somebody weird to speak to.

It’s not what we’re about. We’re about intimate relationships – Brian Acton
What WhatsApp Business Does?

Let’s have a fast verify what WhatsApp business app has future for your business?

Business Profile: provides a skilled bit to your business by making a business profile.

Enter your business name, logo, contact data, description and more in your profile to attract loyal customers.

Customer Labels: Have too many Poojas, Rahuls and Rajs in your contact list and finding it difficult to differentiate between the existing one and the new one?

With WhatsApp business app, you can easily mark or label your customers, order status,etc., on chats.

Now no more confusions, only boost business!
Image Courtesy: WhatsApp

Automated Messages: causation heat greetings, welcome or away messages to your customers is a healthy habit to maintain good relations with them.

Your custom messages can alert them concerning your accessibility.

Quick Replies: No have to be compelled to send same responses to multiple people repeatedly.

Instead, opt for your response from a listing of existing templates and customise your response.

WhatsApp Insights: Access necessary statistics of the quantity of messages sent, delivered and browse with success.

This will guide you establish your active and inactive customers simply.

I want to try and do one factor, and do it well!

– Jan Kuom
What WhatsApp Business Doesn’t Do?

WhatsApp business could be a useful gizmo for tiny businesses, however there square measure a couple oflimitations you must understand, as a business owner:

No Payment Diversity: WhatsApp allows only 1 payment possibility i.e.

UPI payments.

UPI is that the trendy thanks to send and receive payments.

Nonetheless, it’s continuously higher to supply quite the standard.

This “more” is what WhatsApp payments disables for its users.

Only Contacts will Pay: Sadly, solely folks in your contact list pays you.

Which suggests that, you need to keep on adding people to your contact list so that they can use WhatsApp payments to pay you.

Updated App Required: Your customers have to be compelled to update their WhatsApp to alter creatingpayments.

If they skip change the app, then they won’t be ready to read the “Payment” icon in attachments and thence delay is guaranteed to happen.

Lacks Business Reports: that client has paid and the way much?

What is your sales turnover this week?

How many new customers shopped with you this month?

All these queries still stay queries, as there is no automated tracking of this important regard available on WhatsApp business app as yet.

Limited Reach: because the client payment choices square measure restricted, so is your reach.

To expand your business overseas, you will still have to share your bank account details with your customers.

No Refunds: there’s no tab to method refunds.

Products once sold via WhatsApp can not be monetarily came back via WhatsApp.

This proves inefficient as several time and resources get drained here.

Hope this helps!

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